A. P. Dunar


The Old Candle Shop


People with problems wander into this amazing candle shop to have their lives forever changed in ways that they could have never imagined. Who is the candle maker and what do his candles hold is store for you?

                                              The Old Candle Shop

After eight years a special forces sailor returns to the town that he couldn’t wait to leave. He is haunted by the death of the girl that he secretly loved. He blames himself for her death. In his search for closure he wanders into a strange candle shop. While staring into one very odd candle he finds himself transported back to the day of her death. Is it real or only a dream? Can he save the girl that he was always too shy to tell that he loved? Can he find peace?

NO BAD LANGUAGE OR SEX. Very light off color language (barn yard vulgarity). Your kids use it when you're not around! Not bad for younger readers. (Teens)

Kathy’s Dream

The Old Candle Shop 2

An elementary school teacher disturbed by dreams of her dead brother claiming to be visiting her from heaven seeks professional help. On the way to her therapist’s office she wanders into the Old Candle Shop to have her life forever changed. Is it real or just a dream? Only the candle maker knows for sure.

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The Old Candle Shop 3

Alan, at age seven is frightened by the image of a girl his age ice skating in one of the candles in The Old Candle Shop.  He becomes even more afraid when Peter Mitchel tells him that it was real and what he has seen will change his life.

As time goes by he comes to believe that a girl that he meets in college is the one he saw in the candle.

But is she too good to be real?

Or is she Magic?