A. P. Dunar


Looking At The Rainbow

Book two of Joy in Life

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In book two of the Joy In Life series we focus on Milo Franklin and how his life is changed after he is drawn into Doc's little family of reprobates. Milo starts out as an unsuspecting bystander in the game of life. His life is so average that it’s commented that even he doesn’t know that he exists. Through a thoughtless act of Doc's best friend, Milo is drawn into the insanity of the events unfolding at Christian High School North. At first, he is terrified to be around guys like Decker, Jimmy and Doc. But the lure of popularity and pretty girls is irresistible. Once part of the group, he finds that he fits in quite well, much to the surprise of everyone. Oddly enough it changes his formerly uneventful boring life for the better. He becomes a minor folk hero and lands one of the school’s hottest girls.

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