A. P. Dunar






A. P. Dunar

This fictional romantic comedy takes place in 1967. The four books that currently make up the available series are: Joy in Life, Looking at the Rainbow, Sweeter than Candy, and I Never Loved Cheryl. In the first three books we see the events which shape the lives of several young couples as seen from three different peoples' viewpoints. The first three books follow a group of high school teens as they cope with promiscuity, alcohol, peer pressure and falling in love, while trying to figure out their relationship with God. To complicate their lives they all attend a Christian high school where the teachers range from kind and caring to totally out of touch with reality. In the last book we go back to the beginning to find out about the hero's first "girlfriend" Cheryl and how she made him into the guy we've come to know. We also see how our hero first meets the Decker Brothers. All the books have strong language, sexual situations and are laced with Christian theology.