A. P. Dunar


In the Works

A Stitch in Time

My first shot at science fiction.

While investigating a strange astrophysical phenomena, a scientist is transported back in time. He soon decides that he needs to have his high school self help him return to his own time.

Phyllis Clark:

Posies and Pistols

Phyllis' boyfriend, Benjamin, gets a job teaching at a college in Chicago. He also starts an apprenticeship at the Clark Detective Agency so that he can spend more time with Phyllis. He is soon thrown into his first case. Being his first case, he needs a lot of help from Phyllis; but that's just what he wanted.

Phyllis Clark;

Silk Stockings



Captain O’Malley refers a very grownup Phyllis Clark to a couple who are being pursued by an unknown stalker. Phyllis and her boyfriend Benjamin Attlee sort through a variety of suspects including the couples’ former spouses, old flames and groupies.