A. P. Dunar


I Never Loved Cheryl

The Prequel


Not a love story!

In this book we meet Hank, a shy guy that knows nothing about girls, or much of anything else. After moving into a new neighborhood eight year old Hank takes-up with the girl of his dreams, only to find out that the dream is a nightmare. The oversexed eight year old "southern bell" worms her way into every aspect of his life and controls him in every way she can. For the next ten years she dominates his world. On one hand she drives him crazy, but on the other hand he enjoys her romantic skills too much to call it quits. As time goes on she announces to everyone that she will someday marry our poor hero. She then turns her efforts to convincing all his classmates and friends that they are sleeping together, which is a good reason for our hero to stick it out until the day comes when they actually do the dirty deed. Once they finally are intimate our hero has a "really good" reason to keep putting up with her craziness. Eventually they enter into an "open relationship" each sleeping with as many other people as they can; yet always coming back to each other.

Throughout the story our hero shares a string of outrageous experiences with some of the oddest people you could ever meet, including the Decker brothers. Eventually he turns into the self confident, commanding and womanizing Doc. This book ends at the point when Doc sets out to win Candy Miller, the love of his life.

This is not my autobiography!


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Firehouse Liquidation

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