A. P. Dunar


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                             ATaste of Brandy

                                (Joy In Life 5)

The fifth book of the Joy in Life series highlights Brandy Bear. It follows her from Elementary School through high school graduation. It takes us on a journey from her first unsatisfying encounters with boys near her own age to the seduction of the widowed father of the girl she babysits. It brings us to how she came to meet Doc and her decision, with Doc Donavan’s counsel, to become a prostitute. Her story continues as she, with Doc’s help, gains protection from Don DeCeagliono and becomes the queen of the streets. She eventually becomes a trusted part of Doc’s “family” and is instrumental in Doc getting together with Candy.

This book, as well as I Never Loved Cheryl, has only brief references to the situations covered by the first four books. (Actual cover not shown)

Phyllis Clark

and the

demon Cult

In the forth book of the series Phyllis is back in California visiting her Uncle Henry and Benjamin when the Devil's Scepter is stolen from Uncle Henry's museum.

Philip Clark is hired by the insurance company to recover it. Once he arrives in southern California the bodies begin to pile up and the chase is on as they consider rival demonic cults as their suspects.

This is the third book in the series related to the Phyllis Clark and the Devil's Scepter.

Phyllis Clark

and the

Emerald Isle

In this book Phyllis is a college sophomore, taking Criminal Justice classes. While sitting in class one day she imagines that one of her Professors is describing a jewelry robbery that he plans to commit. Of course, Phyllis sets out to foil his plans.


The Old Candle Shop 3

Alan, at age seven is frightened by the image of a girl his age ice skating in one of the candles in The Old Candle Shop. He becomes even more afraid when Peter Mitchel tells him that it was real and what he has seen will change his life.

As time goes by he comes to believe that a girl that he meets in college is the one he saw in the candle.

But is she too good to be real?

Or is she Magic?