A. P. Dunar


Fans around the world!

I would like to thank all of my fans for sending me questions and comments; I hope that I have answered all of you satisfactorily.  I am so sorry that I am so slow at responding sometimes.  I love hearing from you, please keep it up.

As of October 22, 2019 I have heard from the following places:

Palmdale, Lancaster, North Hollywood, Mountain View, (CA), Las Vegas (NV), Redmond (WA), Great Falls (MT), Little Elm (TX), Chicago (IL), Reston (VA), Washington (D.C.).

And from outside the U.S.:

Churchill, Manitoba, and Montreal, Canada; Amsterdam,N.L.; Beijing, and Shenzhen, China; Dundalk, Ireland; Cambridge, and London, England;  Haste, Germany; Abuja, Nigeria; Calais, France; Nagpur, India.

To all of you folks out there, thank you so very much for your interest and support. I can't believe it! God bless you all.