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The people at Amazon tell me that some of my books are now available through other stores, including:



Chris's Bargains

Firehouse Liquidations

Super Star Sellers

Blackwell's United Kingdom

I can't believe it myself !!!

Some of you have asked me to date whenever I make additions or changes to this section.  OK!


March 25, 2020

Today we release two more of my books.  It's not very big news, as if it ever was!  However, it's a time when people are sitting around being worried.  Perhaps reading a book, anyone's book, can take your mind off things for an instant.  So many times people have turned to reading to be taken to a different place or time.  It would please me very much if my books could help you, in the smallest of ways, to get through this hard time.

God bless all of you all over the world.

October 21,2019

Yes! I have been busy.

Contrary to popular opinion, I don't sit around drinking beer all day. I do write!   So far this year I have released five books:

Tech Support

Kathy's Dream; The Old Candle Shop Two

Nerdeldinger's Christmas Adventure

Phyllis Clark and the Teacher's Pet

Phyllis Clark and the Demon's Christmas

These are all available at Amazon in print and on Kindle.

Hopefully, they will also be offered by some other book stores soon.

In addition to all of the above, as you  can see,I have four more Phyllis Clark books nearly ready, A Taste of Brandy, and Stitch in Time are close to finished also.  Yes, four more Phyllis Clark books, I have added: Phyllis Clark and the Demon Cult and Phyllis Clark; Posies and Pistols.  In Addition there is a new Old Candle Shop, Magic on the way.  I am also trying my hand at a fantasy adventure The Wizard of Andranicus.

It also looks like we are going to have Tech Support Two: To Kill a Pope on the way.

I hope that those of you that have been asking me for more books will be happy with what I have released this year.  Also, what is in the works.

As Always Yours,

A. P.

October 21, 2019

A Taste of Brandy

Coming sometime in 2020

Those of you who know me will remember me saying that I was done with the Joy in Life series. Actually, I said that I was sick and tired of Doc and Candy! Well never say never. As I was clearing out old notes that I had written during the course of writing the four books, it became obvious that there was a lot of material that I had not included in them. It was mostly about Brandy, who I think is a great character. My Wife hates her!!!  I never really developed her as well as she deserved. My wife will role her eyes when she reads this. To do so would have taken the story way off on a tangent. I like to keep my books short and direct. They’re supposed to be fun! At any rate, I’m sitting here with eighty-five disconnected pages about Brandy. That’s nearly a full book! So, now we have book five, A Taste of Brandy. The Last? Who knows, certainly not me!


A. P.


Shannon's out and Cheryl's in!

If you've been following me you probably have noticed that

I Never Loved Shannon has disappeared. That's not because I decided that I did indeed love Shannon! I did not! In fact there is no Shannon, I write fiction, remember. The reason for its disappearance is that the book became I Never Loved Cheryl. After several "test" readings it became obvious that the people in this book were very much like some of the ones in the Joy in Life trilogy. In fact, the central character of this book is drawn from the same person that Doc Donavan comes from, and the Decker Brothers are an important part of this book also. Some of the events alluded to in Sweeter than Candy, book three of the trilogy, are covered in detail in this book. Taking all this into account, it seemed as if this could make a nice prequel to the trilogy. After looking it over, I had to agree with the test readers. With very little change, it would indeed work as a prequel. And so we now have a series, not a trilogy, and I Never Loved Cheryl. Forget about Shannon, she was Milo's first girlfriend anyway.


A. P.