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On October 4th, four more of my books became available at Amazon.​

Phyllis Clark and the Teacher's Pet

Book two of the Phyllis Clark Detective Series, finds Phyllis returning from California.

She soon finds out that one of her teachers is responsible for pulling a jewel theft form the Chicago Art Institute.  The perpetrators intend to ransom the jewels to the insurance company and are asking for Phyllis to make the exchange.  Her grandfather and Chicago police captain Sean O'Malley have a foolproof plan to catch the thief.  The plan goes very wrong.   

Phyllis Clark and the​ Demon's Christmas

In book three of the Phyllis Clark Detective Series; Dr. Weatherby and his assistant Benjamin Attlee visit for Christmas.  Phyllis is happy to see her new boyfriend, Benjamin.  However, she soon finds out that the true reason that they have come is that they believe that a Demon is about to enter our world using the old Chicago underground railway tunnels.  This is a sequel to Phyllis Clark and the Devil's Scepter.

Kathy's Dream; The Old Candle Shop Two

An elementary school teacher is disturbed by dreams of her dead brother claiming to be visiting her from heaven.  She seeks professional help.  On the way to her therapist's office she wanders into the Old Candle Shop, which results in her life being forever changed.  Is it real or just a dream?  Only the candle maker knows for sure.

Nerdeldinger's Christmas Adventure
In this, the second Nerdeldinger book, our hero is called upon to travel to the cave of reflections to find the true meaning of Christmas.  It seems that the High Holy Moly of the Scallywags has discovered that everyone has forgotten what Christmas is all about, and his order never wrote it down anywhere. 

This is a story that will delight children and adults.

As always, they are all available in print and on Kindle.

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